The Tri

So, my self appointed challenge has been keeping me occupied. I decided to try a tri. A triathlon that is. I have not been much for endurance events since high school. Even then I hated to run but liked the friends I met along the way. Now, why would I want to make myself run? Well, I started just to be healthy. Running was a chore that need to be done; however, I noticed that I started to enjoy my time spent running. And, then my time spent cycling was more than just utilitarian, in fact it too was enjoyable. 


A few years back, I volunteered as medical support at an Ironman event. I though that that these people are crazy to put themselves through this. Now, I am thinking about tackling a triathlon myself. Certainly not IM distance; but, I have been working hard most of the summer to accomplish this. This is one of the reasons why I have neglected my writing lately. My race is in two weeks. I feel great. Also, I have decided that this is going to be one of my hobbies for the long haul.


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