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New York-based graphic designer and artist Mike Doyle caught our attention a couple of years ago with his beautifully rendered eerie Lego Victorian houses. His latest piece, titled Contact 1, employs over 200,000 Lego bricks, took him over 600 hours to build, and stands 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide.…

The other shoes that I bought over the summer was the Montrail Mountain Masochist. I am not sure if they make me a masochist but they are comfy. Contradiction? I bought them because they seem to have a cult like following; and, I figure that can’t be all bad. I do not see myself buying […]

Weather has been odd here in Kentucky. Probably has been odd all over for that matter. One week it will be 70 F and the next will be 20 F and snow. I managed to squeeze in a nice 5 mile trail run at Raven Run during the transition from the last shift from hot […]

For all of my talk about taking college classes for the sake of it, I am being faced with reality. I am going to be a college dropout. Well, kinda. I guess that I will be content with my bachelors in nursing. As I mentioned before, we are leaving Kentucky behind and making our way […]

Patina on a 1000lb mortar Velocity and Declination Capitol Flowers My Ava with leaves. A unique sight Raleigh is a beautiful city. Exploring the town was great. The weather was outstanding as were the people.

As a new parent, I don’t get out much. On this day, I met with some friends at a local watering hole and brought my little one along. She is such a well behaved baby and loves people. She tires quickly though. My little sweet pea was so exhausted she passed out in my lap. […]


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