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Montrail Mountain Masochist

The other shoes that I bought over the summer was the Montrail Mountain Masochist. I am not sure if they make me a masochist but they are comfy. Contradiction? I bought them because they seem to have a cult like following; and, I figure that can’t be all bad. I do not see myself buying […]

Winter Trail Run with Merrell Embark Glove

Weather has been odd here in Kentucky. Probably has been odd all over for that matter. One week it will be 70 F and the next will be 20 F and snow. I managed to squeeze in a nice 5 mile trail run at Raven Run during the transition from the last shift from hot […]

The Tri is Done!

The tri is done! It went well. I didn’t break any records, come in first, or even place. I did, however, enjoy the challenge. I learned about myself and this sport though. I did what is called a sprint triathlon which consists of 400m swim, 13.1mile bike ride, and 5000m run. Likely, the swim was […]