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200,000 Piece Lego Sci-Fi Jaw Dropper

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College Dropout?

For all of my talk about taking college classes for the sake of it, I am being faced with reality. I am going to be a college dropout. Well, kinda. I guess that I will be content with my bachelors in nursing. As I mentioned before, we are leaving Kentucky behind and making our way […]

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A Relocated Family

The beauty of this country is our freedom. Not total freedom to do whatever you want. But, being free to pursue a path for you and your family. Some time ago, my wife and I decided to drop our careers and find different paths. We ended up in Kentucky. Kentucky has been good to us, so much […]

The Holidays

I wish to express a merry Christmas to all. I feel that there are many things in this world that make this season a challenge. I just hope that wherever you are, and whatever is important to you, remains well and blessed this season. Thank you.

The Tri

So, my self appointed challenge has been keeping me occupied. I decided to try a tri. A triathlon that is. I have not been much for endurance events since high school. Even then I hated to run but liked the friends I met along the way. Now, why would I want to make myself run? […]