Monthly Archives: January 2013

A Hard Day

As a new parent, I don’t get out much. On this day, I met with some friends at a local watering hole and brought my little one along. She is such a well behaved baby and loves people. She tires quickly though. My little sweet pea was so exhausted she passed out in my lap. […]

Off of Make’s Blog. These are amazing

A Relocated Family

The beauty of this country is our freedom. Not total freedom to do whatever you want. But, being free to pursue a path for you and your family. Some time ago, my wife and I decided to drop our careers and find different paths. We ended up in Kentucky. Kentucky has been good to us, so much […]

My First Computer

Well, I guess that my first computer was a Commodore 64. I remember spending, what seemed to me, hours programming DOS to make the computer screen have little figures dance in little fun little patterns. I truly loved the thing. I am not about to present myself as a computer person. I feel that I am a […]