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College Dropout?

For all of my talk about taking college classes for the sake of it, I am being faced with reality. I am going to be a college dropout. Well, kinda. I guess that I will be content with my bachelors in nursing. As I mentioned before, we are leaving Kentucky behind and making our way […]

Raleigh Summer

Patina on a 1000lb mortar Velocity and Declination Capitol Flowers My Ava with leaves. A unique sight Raleigh is a beautiful city. Exploring the town was great. The weather was outstanding as were the people.

A Hard Day

As a new parent, I don’t get out much. On this day, I met with some friends at a local watering hole and brought my little one along. She is such a well behaved baby and loves people. She tires quickly though. My little sweet pea was so exhausted she passed out in my lap. […]

My First Computer

Well, I guess that my first computer was a Commodore 64. I remember spending, what seemed to me, hours programming DOS to make the computer screen have little figures dance in little fun little patterns. I truly loved the thing. I am not about to present myself as a computer person. I feel that I am a […]

Learning for the sake of Learning

I have an opportunity that has really always been there. Well, at least during my professional life. In the past, I intended to take classes, lessons, or the like just to engage my curiosity. I thought of taking guitar lessons, martial arts, cooking classes, dance lessons, or a new language. I dabbled in most of the aforementioned […]

The Dying

This year has not been good for the living. Well, the living that makes up my circle anyhow. My uncle passed. My brother in-law’s dad died last week. I had a patient that I grew quite fond of pass on as well. I am a NICU nurse so a patient’s passing tends to be a […]

The Night

Each night here seems the same. We put our little bug to bed. We read. Occasionally, we watch the tele. Mostly, we read. Though this time tonight is eaten away with writing. Reading and writing. Not bad pastimes in my opinion. I started this post cause, right now, I am writing and my wife is cuddled next […]