College Dropout?

For all of my talk about taking college classes for the sake of it, I am being faced with reality. I am going to be a college dropout. Well, kinda. I guess that I will be content with my bachelors in nursing. As I mentioned before, we are leaving Kentucky behind and making our way back to Michigan. I decided to look at job prospects for myself. Especially important since my wife’s job prospects are not what we had hoped. I put a couple of resumes out on a Monday and got a call that afternoon. I got a call on Tuesday as well. I am fortunate to be a nurse with experience.

My wife is brilliant. She will be finished with her PhD in nutrition science (basically biochemistry) in a couple of months and the job prospects for her are rather bleak. She has put out several resumes with only one reply. One of those ” at this time…” things. This makes her sad, frustrated, and probably a little angry. I look at it as: we will be fine. We will balance each other just as we always have done. We will have a home, food, family, and each other.

I am still reading Plato and Meister Eckhart. Even though I get a running commentary from my co-workers about “how they would never read that.” I don’t think I need a college class to educate myself.


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