Monthly Archives: June 2012

The Challenge

I feel a need. Not really empty. I just have something gnawing at me to get up, to move. Maybe, I need to feel manly. I think not that. I am man enough to say that I like to bake, cook, and care for babies. I have “manned up” often in my life. I am […]

The Dying

This year has not been good for the living. Well, the living that makes up my circle anyhow. My uncle passed. My brother in-law’s dad died last week. I had a patient that I grew quite fond of pass on as well. I am a NICU nurse so a patient’s passing tends to be a […]

The Night

Each night here seems the same. We put our little bug to bed. We read. Occasionally, we watch the tele. Mostly, we read. Though this time tonight is eaten away with writing. Reading and writing. Not bad pastimes in my opinion. I started this post cause, right now, I am writing and my wife is cuddled next […]

The Garden

I feel used. I feel used in a way that is satisfying: to clarify. My body feels worked, but just enough to remain lively. In the sky I see the sun is bright behind a few puffed up clouds. The sky is not quite clear, with those clouds slowly rolling near. As I rest and watch, […]

The Reproduction

To add to my dilemma my wife and I have reproduced. Our daughter just had her first birthday a few weeks ago. I remember my dad telling me that you will never know how much I love you until you have your own kids. I can say I understand that now. She gives my wife […]

The spouse

My wife brought up that I don’t really talk about much anymore. I didn’t really realize that I made it to that point. My wife and I have always been a team. We have worked together and worked well together. We still do work well together. I can’t count how many times someone has said […]

The Start Up

Some how as I age I am becoming taciturn. Hence the motivation for this blog. I can’t tell you how this happenend but it just is. As a youth, outgoing seemed to be second nature. Also, meeting like minded people was far from difficult. In college, I feel like I could have hung out with […]