The Tri is Done!

The tri is done! It went well. I didn’t break any records, come in first, or even place. I did, however, enjoy the challenge. I learned about myself and this sport though. I did what is called a sprint triathlon which consists of 400m swim, 13.1mile bike ride, and 5000m run. Likely, the swim was the hardest. Actually, the swim was kinda like a war zone. I got kicked, pushed, people stopping in front of me, there was yelling, and ill will all around. Much different from my training swims. Humbling in fact. I realize now that if I have aspirations of longer events I must become a much stronger swimmer.

The bike, I felt, was just put your head down, go, but save enough for the run. I had issues with my bike. I built my bike from the ground up this summer. I feel that it turned out well. I performed well during training. On race day, I was able to appreciate a store bought bike. My bike did not perform flawlessly. On up hill sprints the chain would slip and shift gears. Shifting gears in itself was not fun. I purchased cheap clipless pedals that worked poorly. My bike was not stressed as well as I though during training. Next time, I will purchase a new bike at the start of my training, and push it hard.

The run I did in 28min. A 5K in 28min by all accounts is pretty terrible. Stepping off the bike and into running shoes is an interesting thing. My legs were like jelly for the first mile. In addition, the race course snaked though a couple of suburban neighborhoods; so, I never really knew how far the finish was. Besides, I am a city person (suburbia scares me). I just could not make my legs move any faster.

I finished. It felt great. I am going to keep working on the swimming, but look for different challenges. I think that I woke up a desire to keep enduring. I am going to run a trail marathon in December. If that goes well, I have my eyes on running a 50K in February 2013 and perhaps a 100K in October 2013. There, now that it is written, I can keep myself accountable.


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