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The beauty of this country is our freedom. Not total freedom to do whatever you want. But, being free to pursue a path for you and your family. Some time ago, my wife and I decided to drop our careers and find different paths. We ended up in Kentucky. Kentucky has been good to us, so much […]

Well, I guess that my first computer was a Commodore 64. I remember spending, what seemed to me, hours programming DOS to make the computer screen have little figures dance in little fun little patterns. I truly loved the thing. I am not about to present myself as a computer person. I feel that I am a […]

I wish to express a merry Christmas to all. I feel that there are many things in this world that make this season a challenge. I just hope that wherever you are, and whatever is important to you, remains well and blessed this season. Thank you.

Writing about the Homeless fella the other day reminded me of when my mother in law visited awhile back. That in itself remains out side of the boundaries of interesting. But, she was the witness to the event. So that may have a little humor to it. I live on one of the busiest roads […]

While I am at it. I should update you on my marathon running skills. Well, The marathon is this coming Saturday. Unfortunately, this will not be my first marathon. During one of my 15 mile runs, about two weeks ago, I started having sharp pain in my right knee. Luckily, I was nearly finished and […]

I have an opportunity that has really always been there. Well, at least during my professional life. In the past, I intended to take classes, lessons, or the like just to engage my curiosity. I thought of taking guitar lessons, martial arts, cooking classes, dance lessons, or a new language. I dabbled in most of the aforementioned […]