Well More Fun in the City

Writing about the Homeless fella the other day reminded me of when my mother in law visited awhile back. That in itself remains out side of the boundaries of interesting. But, she was the witness to the event. So that may have a little humor to it.

I live on one of the busiest roads in my city. Lots of traffic and even more during rush hour. One of the nearby intersections remains a hot-spot for panhandling. Well, one of said panhandlers took up shop across from my house. Not a big deal, and it  happens often enough. However, my mother in law decides to watch the traffic with my baby girl. I am not sure why but my lil’ one loves watching traffic. Apparently, the itinerant  gentleman across the street became board with hustling for cash opting to “hustle” himself  in front of rush hour traffic. As my mother in law is watching, she begins shrieking “that man is masturbating! do you see what he is doing”!

The story still kinda makes me smile.


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