The December Marathon

While I am at it. I should update you on my marathon running skills. Well, The marathon is this coming Saturday. Unfortunately, this will not be my first marathon. During one of my 15 mile runs, about two weeks ago, I started having sharp pain in my right knee. Luckily, I was nearly finished and walked the last mile home. I think that the last year caught up with me, and told me to slow down. I am disappointed; but, I am sure next year there will be a marathon to challenge myself with.

Though, I don’t think that it was for not. The training alone was a challenge. You do learn a little about yourself while running 20 miles. Also, most of my long runs were on trails intended for hikers. I find trails rather enjoyable. More so than running for three or four hours in traffic, dodging pedestrians, and stoplights. Trails are fun but hard. Hard on the knees at times. Lots of up hill but you learn that going down is even more challenging.

Also, The scenery is just better. During my 20 mile training, I was  in the north part of downtown (about mile 17 or 18). I bumped into a homeless man (almost literally) who had decided to pee in my path. I thought I was hallucinating. I stopped and stared for a moment as the man threaded it out in, what I perceived, as slow motion. I wasn’t sure if I should give him privacy, but then again we were on the sidewalk. The man finished and walked off. I ran on. To contrast, my trail runs are flush with wildlife. I have been close enough to deer to touch them. I try to slink along the trail quiet and efficient like which led me to almost running into a deer. Startling to be sure but not as startling as seeing a homeless wiener. The deer looked confused. The homeless guy had those crazy eyes they get sometimes.

Good times!


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