Learning for the sake of Learning

I have an opportunity that has really always been there. Well, at least during my professional life. In the past, I intended to take classes, lessons, or the like just to engage my curiosity. I thought of taking guitar lessons, martial arts, cooking classes, dance lessons, or a new language. I dabbled in most of the aforementioned without solid commitment. This year (2013)  I intend to change this.

I work at a large university; and, as a result, I am allowed six credit hours gratis. So, let the mind expansion begin. I will be a non degree student. Which means, I will be last to pick what classes I can take. I think that this will be the deciding factor for which spring classes I will be in. As is, my goal is to take ancient philosophy and logic. My back ups are: astronomy, computer programming, chemistry, or math.

Most of my co-workers don’t understand my motivation for intellectual curiosity. Most assume that I will, or should, follow a prescribed natural progression to nurse practitioner, nurse manager, clinical nurse specialist, or similar. I find it difficult to be excited about any of these “natural progressions”. I don’t feel that my heart would be in it. So, I am going to keep an open mind, and let fate be my guide.

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