The Night

Each night here seems the same. We put our little bug to bed. We read. Occasionally, we watch the tele. Mostly, we read. Though this time tonight is eaten away with writing. Reading and writing. Not bad pastimes in my opinion. I started this post cause, right now, I am writing and my wife is cuddled next to me reading. I guess this is intimate. Not what I would have thought about intimacy as a teenager. We are both absorbed by our own pursuits. We are still right next to each other. I like that. Oh don’t you worry. I still like that teenage intimacy. I am a man, and, as men will, we like to take possession of our passions. We can be aggressive about it even. I don’t think of aggression as lasting. I hold trust as a lasting atribute. I trust my wife. I am comfortable next to my wife. I don’t always have the greatest things to say; but, I love my wife.


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