The spouse

My wife brought up that I don’t really talk about much anymore. I didn’t really realize that I made it to that point. My wife and I have always been a team. We have worked together and worked well together. We still do work well together. I can’t count how many times someone has said that something like “I could never work with my wife”. I did for a long time. I liked it. We grew tired of that career and now have moved on to different pursuits. I don’t miss that career, job really. I do miss working with my wife. Perhaps that is where I started to not have much to say.

I became a nurse. And, with nursing, I feel most people don’t want to hear about war stories. Unless, you are another nurse. We have a tendency to find things that, to the uninitiated, are revolting extremely fascinating. We tend to gross people out or just depress them. When sharing time with friends and family, I find that I would rather not be the Sir Killjoy of the group. Hence, I don’t break out my collection of etchings; and, I don’t share much that happens in my nursing career. I don’t really feel that it is off limits to discuss; but, I greatly temper what I share. Nursing is a calling for me. I feel that I was built for this profession, and nursing takes a large part of my life. So, I have this huge part of my life I am proud of that I can’t fully discuss. Also, my wife doesn’t know what it is like at my work just as I don’t know what it is really like at hers.  That is not either of our faults. We just don’t have similar careers any more. When we did she could come to me and say “hey that guy is an asshole” and I can completely understand.

This leads to the dilema of how do we recapture what we once had? I hope that I will be able to come up with some creative solutions through writing out my thoughts. I feel that the problem is fairly well defined. They say that is the first step right? Well, we’ll see. If anything this problem is loosely defined and probably evolving.

I believe diversity should be in a persons life. This dilemma could be an opportunity for us to add more diversity to our life. Maybe the first thing is to sit down and talk to my wife. What an idea eh?


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